Limousine Service Terms And Conditions

In such a case the client remains responsible for the entire length of time originally contracted for, including gratuity and will be charged accordingly. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. has a zero tolerance policy in order to protect all parties involved. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. is not responsible for delays caused by weather, traffic conditions, mechanical problems, airlines and/or airport problems, automobile accidents caused by others or acts of God. Customer may not attach or affix anything to the interior or exterior of the vehicle(s) without prior permission from Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. management. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. will not be responsible for injuries that may occur due to behavior caused by any member of customer’s group, or customer at any time.

Customer accepts full responsibility for vehicle damage or special cleaning, and any loss of income due to negligence or carelessness caused by any member of customer’s group, or customer (examples: vehicle damages caused from smoking, burns, vomiting, scratches, broken glassware, stains, wrestling in vehicles, kicking windows/mirrors, and etc.) and authorizes Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. to charge the guaranteeing credit card for the expenses regardless and in addition to any prior understandings and agreements.

These charges are necessary due to the high cost of cleaning and the revenue and time lost because the car cannot be used. If the guaranteeing credit card is not able to be charged for any reason, customer agrees to pay for damages in cash on the event’s date.

Customer agrees to pay for any collection expenses and/or attorney fees and costs associated with Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. collection efforts. All Agreements are negotiated individually at Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. discretion. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. understands that your needs may change as the service is being provided.

Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. will make every effort to accommodate the Client(s), however the Client(s) understands that other clients may be scheduled and no guarantees can be made to accommodate changes as requested.

The Client agrees to pay for any changes in service as follows; Overtime are charged to the Client(s) in 30 minutes increments (for hourly service) at the published rate. Extra stops (for transfers) over and above the Agreement are charged from $15.00 up to $35.00 each.

Waiting time (for transfers) is charged from $15.oo up to $35.00 for every 10 minutes. At the Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. employees’ discretion, the client(s) agrees to be fully liable for all charges that may be incurred over the course of the Agreement including but not limited to:

Broken glassware ($ 15.00 per),

Interior cleaning and/or disinfecting required as a result of out of the ordinary use including illness (vomiting), drinks or food (no food in the vehicle) spills and smoking ($ 150.00 to $ 250.00)

Exterior detailing due to spills, illness and/or misuse of the vehicle ($ 100.00 to $300.00)

Repairs required due to a rip, tear or holes made in the upholstery ($ 175.00 to $ 500.00)

Any act of vandalism by client(s) and/or guests will be charged at a minimum of $ 150 with no maximum.

Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles(s), a fee of $ 200.00 will be charged to remove odors.

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